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Our home is full of toxic substances
A clean home is a healthy home
  • To help combat allergies and asthma, Aerus has developed a circle of protection for your home. It is a new generation of clean that goes beyond removing dirt to remove dangerous pollutants from your home environment. Since 1980, CONET has provided innovative, best in class products to protect your family from the effects of indoor air pollution, leaving your home clean and fresh. We continue that tradition today, offering a unique range of products to not only clean your home, but help make it a healthy home: a true HEPA 6 steps sealed vacuum cleaner to remove contaminants from your carpet and floors, the number one breeding ground for allergy triggers; an air purifier with a patent-pending CYCLONIC AIR filtration system to purify the air you breathe; allergy control solutions to eliminate contaminants and leave the air clean and fresh as well as best in class filters with a ture Hepa 13 grade.

  • Pollutants collect on your home's surfaces and flooring and adversely affect the indoor air quality. Every time you walk across your carpet, sit on your couch, lie down on your bed or clean your furniture, dust and contaminants from that surface are recirculated into the air you breathe. Ensure you are capturing these pollutants with vacuum cleaners designed to clean every surface in your home. CYVAC-Turbo, a name known worldwide for quality, durable vacuum cleaners with air filtration features. We continue that tradition today with best in class vacuum cleaners that remove and retain more dirt and debris than conventional vacuum cleaners. Engineered for convenience, quality and, most of all, to help you create a healthy home.

  • How does indoor air affect your family? Studies show that most people experience some type of reaction to toxins in the home. Polluted air can irritate allergies and asthma, as well as increase the occurrence of infectious diseases. In fact, exposure of babies to allerg- ens such as dust mites, animals or pollens during the first weeks of life may cause the immune system to develop an allergy. ENVIROTECT CleanAir can help protect your family from these dangerous pollutants that are in all our homes. Our air purification products can eliminate the harmful allergy and asthma causing contaminants, leaving your home healthy and letting you breathe easy!